My Role in BUSU Money

The Brock University Students’ Union is multimillion dollar nonprofit corporation who operate a number of businesses and services for the undergraduate students at Brock University. The Vice President Finance and Administrations role is to draft the annual budget of the corporation for Board and Council approval, and to oversee our expenditures and operations to ensure accountability to our members. This is a very broad definition of my responsibilities but what that means in the practical sense is I am responsible for keeping track of our members (the students) money, how we use, where we spend it, and reporting all of that back to our Student Administrative Council, the direct student representation here at Brock.

My Role in BUSU Money

Accountability to it’s members is a key priority at BUSU. My role is to ensure the VPFA has the necessary financial information and resources to accomplish this task. On a day to day level this involves direct oversight of BUSU’s accounting department and the review of operating budgets with business managers. On a macro level I constantly strive to improve financial processes and accountability within BUSU and to educate our student and full time staff on our financial position and procedures.

My Experience

I received my Certified Management Accountant designation in the UK in 1997 and worked in media and telecoms in the UK, Europe and Japan as a financial analyst. I produced financial statements for departmental managers in publicly traded corporations and acted as an internal financial consultant on their operating budgets and capital investments. Upon leaving the UK in 2000, I spent a year working in a remote location as a General Manager at a satellite location of an international company in Gabon, Africa, managing a $10M budget. After this experience I decided to stop travelling so much and settle in Canada. I took an MBA part-time at McMaster (please don’t hold this against me!) while working as a professional development coach for full-time MBA students. After graduating, I wanted a job that would allow me an opportunity to work with non-financially experienced people to develop financial literacy and other business related skills.