Student Fees

Per Student Fees

Per Student Fees are charged on a one-time basis
Brock University Per-Student Fees
Day Care $1.00
Brock University Health Services Fee (0.5 – 1 Credits FW, SP, SU) $0
(1.5-2.5 Credits) $13.23 FW | $5.98 SP/SU
3.0 + credits $26.47
International Student, regardless of course load $26.47
University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)
International students must be enrolled in UHIP. For detailed information relating to this plan, please click here or contact International Services and Programs Abroad at [email protected] or at 905-688-5550 ext. 4785. 2014 – $684.00
2015 – $612.00
Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) Per-Student Fees
Universal Bus Pass (U-Pass) – 1.5+ Credits $195.45
Student VIP Extended Health Insurance Plan Fee (if enrolled in 3.0 credits or more)
Student VIP Dental Plan Fee (if enrolled in 3.0 credits or more)

***Charged to students taking 3.0 or more credits. Students who have comparable coverage will have the opportunity to opt-out of these plans***

Business Student Levy (Business Students Only) Charged to students taking 1.5+ credits $18.58/per term

Ancillary Fees

(Ancillary fees listed are based on a full credit course and are included in the undegraduate per credit rates)

University Ancillary Fees
Athletic, Intramural, Recreation Program $17.84
Access Copyright© $5.20
Recreation Facilities $2.20
Brock Student Life $20.58
Total Per Credit Fee – Brock University $45.82
Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) Ancillary Fees
BUSU Fee $18.69
Strategic Expansion Fund $5.50
BUSAC Capital Fund $2.50
Clubs Levy $2.00
BUSU Safety Fee $0.25
Brock TV $3.01
BUSU Green Levy $1.00
Deferred Maintenance Fund $1.50
WUSC Student Sponsorship $0.44
Student Justice Centre $0.88
Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) $0.58
Total Per Credit Fee – BUSU $36.35
Third Party Ancillary Fees
Ontario People’s Interest & Research Group (OPRIG) $1.50
Brock Press $2.80
Brock Student Sexual Violence Support Centre $2.75
Fed Up Fee (Affordable Food Project) $2.80
Total Per Credit Fee – Third Party Ancillary Fees $9.85
Total Ancillary Fee Per Credit $92.01


Please note: “All fees listed on this page were implemented after specific referendums were held and passed by the student body.”

BUSU Fee – $18.69
The BUSU fee is collected on a per credit basis to cover the general operating expenses of the students union. This includes HR, office supplies, utilities, and insurance. It is also the primary funding mechanism for all student services provided throughout the students union including, Brock off Campus, the Food Bank, Shinerama, Isaacs Army and many others.
Strategic Expansion Fund – $5.50
The Strategic Expansion fund is collected annually and held in reserve for major capital projects, namely large building renovation or construction projects.
Brock Press – $2.80
The Brock Press fee is collect by the Student Union on behalf of the separately incorporated Brock Press newspaper which is located on the first floor of the Student Alumni Centre.
BUSAC Capital Fund – $2.50
The BUSAC Capital Fund is collected annually and is similar to the Strategic Expansion fund in that it is for facility improvements. However, the BUSAC Capital fund is allocated primarily for small capital projects, existing space renovations, equipment repairs, and necessary facility updates.
Clubs Levy – $2.00
The Clubs Levy is used to fund the operations and financial support programs for Brock University Students’ Union Clubs. It is broken down into three main expenditures: ratified clubs grants, non-club loans and grants, and associated HR costs.
Ontario People’s Interest & Research Group (OPRIG) – $1.50
The OPIRG fee is collect by the Students’ Union on behalf of the separately incorporated OPIRG located on the first floor of the Student Alumni Centre.
BUSU Safety Fee – $0.25
The BUSU Safety Fee is used to support the Foot Patrol safe walk home program and the Brock First Aid Responders program that offers student volunteer opportunities to develop first aid skills for large campus events.
Brock Radio – $1.50
The Brock Radio fee is collect by the Student Union on behalf of the separately incorporated Brock Radio located in their downtown St. Catharines office location.
Brock TV – $3.01
The BrockTV fee is collected on behalf of the BrockTV Board of Directors. The Directors manage and operate the BrockTV online television service.
BUSU Environmental Levy – $1.00
The BUSU Environmental Levy is collected for use by the Students’ Union to improve the environmental impact of both the Students’ Union and the students at Brock University. Through facility efficiency improvements and student education programing the fee aims to reduce our environmental foot print.
WUSC Student Sponsorship – $0.44
The WUSC Student Sponsorship fee is collected and used to cover the costs of bringing a new refuge student to Brock each year, and to create the support systems to ensure their success.
Student Justice Centre Fee – $0.88
The Student Justice Centre fee is collected on behalf of the Student Justice Centre Board of Directors. The Directors use the fund collected from the fee to manage and operate the Student Justice Centre.
Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance Fee – $0.58
The Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance fee is collected to support the provincial postsecondary student advocacy group that represents Brock students to the provincial government and other sector stakeholders.