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Ride With Me - Logo-01

BUSU & NCSAC host “Ride With Me” Day

On October 8th 2014 The Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) and Niagara College Student Administrative Council (NCSAC) will be inviting local election candidates,


Niagara Falls Transit: Route changes effective January 5th

Students using the U-Pass in Niagara Falls will need to be aware of the route changes coming in January 2014. The changes will be effective as of January 5th 2014. This is the information provided by Niagara Falls Transit: ———— Niagara Falls Transit has been working hard to improve your public transit system. Effective January 5th, 2014 new routes will be provided, …

FAQ: New Bus Routes

Bus Pass Q & A #2 View Last Live Chat FAQ New Bus Routes Q. Why do we have new buses/changes to routes? A. The existing routes were not meeting the needs of students to get to and from the school, as such a proposal for route redistribution was made to offer more coverage and expanded service.   Q. Did …

State of the Union-01-01

BUSU “State of The Union” – 2012/13

Over the past month, Vice-President, Finance & Administration, Luke Speers, has been collaborating with BUSU staff, volunteers and partners to build a collective document that stakeholders of the Brock University Students’ Union can be proud of. “In an effort to improve our communication and transparency with our members, Brock University Students’ Union has created its first comprehensive annual report. Each …


BUSU’s Gets New Strategic Plan

Over the past couple of months Brock University Students’ Union has been going through a thorough review of what we do as an organization and why we do it. The process of Strategic Planning is meant to answer three key questions in our organization; “What do we do?” “For whom do we do it?”, and “How do we excel at …

brock tower bus

Late Night Transit Improvements

Brock University Students’ Union, making improvements to late night transit runs Every year the students union works hard with local transit providers to improve and refine the UPASS program for the students of Brock. This year has been no different, this spring William Parent with staff from St. Catharine’s Transit created the 123 and 124 bus routes. During this summer …


BUSU Creates More Student Space

Brock University Students’ Union opens new space for students success This week’s grand opening of the Brock University Students’ Union’s COLLABRATORIUM marks the end of a long summer of work to reimagine the old General Brock Store location from retail to student service. The decision this spring by the BUSU executive and Board of Directors to consolidate our retail operations …


The Future of General Brock Store

The General Brock Store, has long been a part of the BUSU family, it is our original commercial operation and longest lasting. In the long life of the General Brock Store many reinventions have occurred, changing from a full service convenience store, to a dollar store operation and back again. In keeping with this long tradition while recognizing changing students …


Niagara Region Transit Ridership Increasing

A recent article in the St. Catharines Standard highlighted the increasing number of riders on Niagara Region Transit buses in March.  Contributing to the increase were Brock and Niagara College students who were able to use their U-Passes to ride the buses thanks to a pilot program implemented between February and April. VPFA Luke Speers is quoted in the article. …