Chris Yendt, VP Finance and Administration

Hello Badgers! Welcome to Brock, my name is Christopher Yendt and this year I am lucky enough to be your Vice-President, Finance and Administration. You may find yourself asking, what is BUSU? What is a VPFA? Is Led Zeppelin IV REALLY the greatest album of all time? Well fear not, because I will do everything I can to explain it to you! As the Chief Financial Officer of BUSU it is my responsibility to oversee the various budgets of our divisions and relay that information to students. I also oversee and manage services like your Bus Pass and your Health and Dental Plan. I will do my utmost to make sure you’re covered! I also oversee our Emergency Student Loan Program and the Food Bank. If your back is against the wall we are here for YOU so come to us for help! My major initiatives this year are an implementation of Late-Night Transit / Overnight Parking to help get students to and from the university’s 24 hour study space! A major redesign and redevelopment of our current system of bus routes to better perform and service students, and a balanced budget. I will also be providing monthly updates on the state of our finances to keep BUSU transparent and accountable to YOU! After serving on BUSAC (Student Council), Brock’s Senate, the Students’ Union Board of Directors and President of Brock Radio, my best advice is get involved early! During your first week find something you love. My biggest regret is waiting until the summer after 2nd year to get involved, so get involved early! And invest in a record player for your dorm! P.S. Come by my office if you want to know why Led Zeppelin IV REALLY is the greatest album of all time. Chris. #FiscalHawk

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