Kyle Rose, VP Finance and Administration

Hello fellow Badgers! As you have no doubt observed my name is Kyle Rose and I am your handsome VPFA! As such I am the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at BUSU, oversee the BUSU Health Plan, Dental Plan, all things bus related and lastly internal affairs on campus; including making sure that you leave Brock University as the best possible version of yourself. Your university experience, much like the rest of your life will be exactly what you make it! The doors are open for you to get involved, make connections, network, discover yourself and pursue you passions if you choose to. I’ve been a varsity athlete, volunteered, started a business and worked on campus in the 4 years I’ve been here. What’s the best part about that last sentence? The best part is that you can do ALL of that and MORE. I truly believe you can. My advice: Never hesitate to do what excites you, think critically and logically even when stress is high, accept no dogmas, play on your strengths, know that you can literally do and be anything you decide (if you put the right kind of work in), view challenges as opportunities to grow, stretch your comfort zone and become the best version of yourself possible! I am a philosophy major and a dreamer, so if you have and ideas, issues or solutions please contact me! Have an awesome and successful year Badgers. Warm Regards, Kyle Rose

Platform Progress

  • Student Financial Literacy & Awareness

  • Community Engagement & Involvement

  • Academic Credit for Co-Curricular Involvement

  • Sustainability

  • Other Projects

Executive Reports

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