General Brock

General Brock Store is the only convenience store on campus that is owned and operated by students!

Located in Welch Hall just steps away from Academic South and the Gym, stop by our Booster Juice location for a smoothie or grab a cup of fresh Fair Trade coffee or tea. We have lots of grab and go and fresh meal options, beverages and snacks, ATM with the lowest transaction fee on campus, Megabus tickets, long distance and mobile phone cards and cozy lounges. Vegan and Gluten free snacks are available; we offer something for everyone!

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Did you know…

We sell bus tickets! Whatever the destination, Megabus (formerly Coach Canada) can get you there at an affordable price. Did you know that Megabus buses come right to Brock? Just pick up your tickets at General Brock and catch the bus in front of the tower and you’re all set!

Exam Hours of Operations

MON: 830am 830pm
TUE: 830am 830pm
WED: 830am 830pm
THU: 830am 830pm
FRI: 830am 6pm
SAT/SUN 12-4pm


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