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BUSU & SlingRide Launch Partnership

The Brock University Students’ Union, BUSU and have partnered to launch a drive-sharing program exclusive for Brock students.  Luke Speers, Vice-President, Finance & Administration is “excited to bring the newest Student Service for Brock University, with SlingRide students can use their Facebook accounts, meet some classmates, and share some real travel costs. For a large portion of Brock students from outside the Niagara SlingRide offers a real opportunity to save money on trips home.”

In a recent article in the Toronto based digital brief, SlingRide was mentioned as “(SlingRide’s) site is clean, beautiful, and easy to use. It also includes some thoughtful features: users can search for drivers and passengers based on gender, allowing, for example, women, concerned about getting into a car with a stranger, to ride only with other women. So, if there’s a company with the right combination of concept and execution to take on the transportation market, this is it.”

The program is set to launch during Frost Week 2013 and SlingRide will be setup at a variety of events on-campus to demo the online service and answer any questions students might have. While on-campus, Mike Holmes, founder of SlingRide and Niagara native says “Sign up now (for free) for a chance at winning a $100 VISA gift card!  PLUS we’re giving the FIRST 100 Brock students to either request or offer a ride and post it to Facebook a $5 Tim Horton’s Gift Card. We are also paying the gas for the first 30 rides that are booked.”

Students are encourage to go to, create an account and explore.  It is BUSU’s hope that SlingRide catches on at Brock and furthers the compliment of transportation options for Brock students.