Brock Homecoming

Homecoming is the annual tradition of welcoming back alumni of a school, often accompanied by athletic and culture events for both students and alumni. This year, we are proud to host the fifth annual Homecoming, right here at Brock University.

In the past, we’ve had multiple Badgers games, live music and more, all while celebrating our passion for our school, Brock University. So get your red t-shirts and face paint ready, because Homecoming is an event you don’t want to miss! Stay tuned for more details!

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Homecoming Packages

The 2015-16 Homecoming package will include:

  • 2015 Homecoming T-Shirt or Tank Top (limited quantities)
  • Badgers Thundersticks
  • Badgers Eye Black Stickers
  • Cover into Isaac’s during Homecoming!

Packages will be available for sale for $15 in Isaac’s on:

  • Tuesday, September 15th – 11am – 2pm
  • Wednesday, September 16th – 11am – 2pm

Homecoming Schedule

Date Event Location Time
Sept. 17 Men’s Hockey (vs. Guelph) Seymour-Hannah Sports & Entertainment Centre 7:15 PM
Sept. 18 Men’s Hockey (vs. Windsor) Seymour-Hannah Sports & Entertainment Centre 7:15 PM
Sept. 19 Official Homecoming Party Isaac’s 11:00 AM
Sept. 19 Turf Field Opening Ceremonies Turf Field 12:00 PM
Sept. 19 Women’s Soccer (vs York) Soccer Pitch 1:00 PM
Sept. 19 Women’s Rugby (vs Laurier) Rugby Pitch 1:00 PM
Sept. 19 Men’s Lacrosse (vs Western) Turf Field 1:00 PM
Sept. 19 Men’s Rugby (vs U of T) Rugby Pitch 2:00 PM
Sept. 19 Men’s Soccer (vs York) Soccer Field 3:15 PM
Sept. 19 Women’s Lacrosse (vs Laurier) Turf Field 3:30 PM
Sept. 19 Men’s Rugby Seconds Game Turf Field 4:00 PM
Sept. 20 Men’s Hockey – Steelblade Championship Seymour-Hannah Sports & Entertainment Centre 2:15 PM