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Aboriginal Student Organization

A gathering of student of different nations who come together to share their gifts for the betterment of the Brock community.

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Active Minds

Active Minds is an organization dedicated to raising awareness of mental health and suicide among college and university students. School chapters participate in fundraising and events to help raise awareness of mental health issues among students, and also to help eliminate the stigma of mental illness.

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All the King’s Men Theatre Co.

All the King’s Men is a group of university students who have come together to prepare and perform original, collaborative works for the Brock and surrounding communities as well as promoting a healthy learning environment through dramatic contexts. All the King’s Men also works to prepare dramatic workshops to run for Brock students as well as surrounding elementary and high schools in the St. Catharine’s and Niagara region.

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Architecture Club (BUAC)

The Architecture club at Brock University is a place for dedicated members to extend their skills beyond the classroom and book. Though collaborative projects, site visits, and field trips. The Architecture club offers members an invaluable opportunity to expand their knowledge about the discipline and gain real-World experience.

Like us on Facebook! Email us at [email protected]  for more info!”

Brock University Architecture Club (BUAC)



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Art Club

It’s all about art! We will encourage Fine/ Digital/ Performance art awareness; enhance, enrich and foster club member’s exposure to art and creativity through field trips, student exhibitions, and studio time; Increase VISA department presence at Brock University.

Overall, we want to encourage our members, as present and future artist, to take an active role in the arts and culture community in any setting, be it here in St. Catharines or somewhere else, and to build their artist resume.

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Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Union

An independent student organization, the mission of ACSSU is to foster a viable and prosperous Assyrian community within Canada. We believe this is possible by empowering youth through education and actively instilling pride of our rich heritage. Although we are very proud of our historic Assyrian name, we realize that as our Nation has persisted through thousands of years, it has adopted some names that our people continue to use today such as Chaldean and Syriac. ACSSU is dedicated to promoting our heritage and raising awareness of human rights issues.

Visit our national website at

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Best Buddies

Best Buddies at Brock makes friendships between students and people with intellectual disabilities such as autism or down syndrome. We meet with our friends for a couple hours each month whether it be going for coffee, seeing a movie, going out to eat, exercising together, etc. Commitment to our friends is essential and makes a lasting impact in their lives. It’s a great way to gain volunteer experience working with disabilities and get involved in the Niagara community.
Check out our website at
E-mail us at [email protected]

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Brock Anime

The Brock Anime club is available for all members of the community. We aim to create a fun and entertaining environment for all who enjoy anime, manga, costumes and cosplaying, or have a general interest in Japanese culture. Outside of our weekly meetings and watching anime, we also plan sushi lunches, downtown shopping trips, an extensive (but optional) fundraising campaign, and attend conventions. Most note-worthy is Anime North, Canada’s largest anime convention,  for which we aim to provide tickets to all interested members.

Brock Aviation Club

At Brock Aviation Club, we aim to explore various aspects of aviation including the study of flight mechanics and research of different types of aircraft

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Brock Biological Society

The purpose of Brock Biological Society is to enrich the learning experience of students in biology and related fields.

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Brock Campus Conservatives


The Brock Campus Conservatives Association is a political club for all Brock students! Our goal is to promote politics, and increase political interest on and off campus. We are associated with the Ontario Progressive Conservative party and the Conservative Party of Canada through the Ontario PC Campus Association who have clubs across Ontario. We hold a variety of events throughout the year, some being on campus and others off campus and this year we are looking at holding joint events with other Campus Conservatives in the surrounding Niagara Region. On campus we hold two major events throughout the year known as Question Period, one is held in the fall semester which duplicates the Federal government and then another is held in the winter semester duplicating the Provincial government. In February during the winter break at Queen’s Park students from across Ontario gather together there and represent the Liberals, PCs, and NDP in the House and get to act as MPPs in Model Parliament. We also help out the federal and provincial ridings surrounding the university in between elections and especially during elections

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Brock Catholic Newman Club

Is a Brock Club living an authentic Catholic community experience. The Brock Catholic Newman Club holds weekly discussion/formation meetings, they volunteer through out the St. Catharines community, host retreats, provide the music for the Sunday Mass on campus through their choir who meet weekly, hold regular social events, and more. To join the Brock Catholic Newman Club contact us at [email protected]. You can join us on our facebook page at:

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Brock Chabad

The Chabad Club at Brock University is a Jewish student-ran group, providing opportunities for celebration, discovery, observance, long lasting friendships, fun and personal growth. Chabad is pulsating with activity, excitement, joy and Jewish pride. Our array of programming includes weekly deli lunches, Holiday events and baskets, national and international weekend retreats, weekly Shabbat Dinners facilitated by the Chabad House (located minutes walk from Campus) as well as counsel from our full time Campus Rabbi. We are very excited about the coming year’s activities and working hard to make sure you have the absolute best Jewish experience on campus. Stop by at one of events and discover for yourself why Chabad’s the popular place it is!

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Brock Christian Fellowship

We are a community dedicated to sharing the love of God with our campus. Through studying the Bible in small groups and meeting for a bi-weekly large group meeting, we learn more about Christ and His desire for us to love others. Our mission at Brock is to “grow in faith, live in love, seek God’s truth, and be challenged in a supportive and welcoming community. As Christ following students, we strive toward unity in faith, expressing the hope we find in a life radically transformed by God’s grace.”


Join our Brock Christian Fellowship (BCF) group on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @brock_cf, check out our website or email us at [email protected] for more info!

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Brock Connections

This club focuses on Drama in Education. Each year, the club will choose a group of people to perform a play based on a social justice issue that we feel will make awareness through the performance. We are a non-profit club, when the play is performed, all proceeds go to a charity that best connects to the issue we have chosen for that year. We also take interest in touring our shows to local high schools to raise awareness there as well.

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Brock Dance

Brock Dance is a student-run club that provides dance classes for beginner to competitive levels in a variety of styles; Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Irish, Ballroom, Bollywood, and Contemporary. Brock Dance runs classes every evening from Monday to Thursday 5-11pm. We promote a healthy, active lifestyle through physical fitness and a stress relief from school. Our competitive teams attend competitions throughout March and the entire club participates in a year end recital at the end of March.

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Brock Debate Society

Are you interested in practicing public speaking? Would you like to learn how to make stronger arguments? Do you just like to argue with people? If you agreed with any of these, then the Brock Debate Society is the club for you!
The Brock Debate Society encourages students to develop their speaking and reasoning skills through different formal debate styles. Previous members have said that debate practice has made them more confident during seminar participation, and improved their essay writing. A wide range of topics are debated each week. It can be anything from pressing international cases to whether or not it is better to have loved and lost, or to never love at all.Members of the Brock Debate Society are given the opportunity to travel to different universities and compete with other clubs. Past competitions have been held at the University of Toronto, York University and McGill University. These competitions challenge your debating abilities and are great bonding experiences with other club members.

Email [email protected] for details!

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Brock ECO

ECO is dedicated to raising awareness of environmental issues within Brock and the surrounding community, with a consideration for social justice issues. We hope to promote environmentalism by:

1. Educating Brock University and the surrounding community about the environment.

2. Engaging students to participate in activism and advocacy towards environmental justice through public education and community engagement.

3. Improving the environmental sustainability of Brock University and the surrounding community.




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Brock Economics Students’ Association (BESA)

The Economics Students’ Association is intended to provide support and help to students majoring in Economics. We intend to raise awareness within students about the career opportunities in Economics, alongside the advantages of majoring in Economics. As a club tailored to economic students, we will be providing tutoring services, for first and second and third years, in efforts to help students excel in this field. We will be providing peer mentoring, in where we will match up an upper year Economics major with a lower year. This will be done in order to help the younger student gain insight, and peer support throughout their stressful student years.

Brock Fair Trade

Brock Fair Trade is a club that is dedicated to promoting social justice through Fair Trade. Our goals include raising awareness of Fair Trade and how it is making a difference in the world, encouraging members of the Brock community to purchase items that are Fairtrade certified, as well as improving the accessibility of Fair Trade items.

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Brock Film Group Productions

Brock Film Group Productions is a student run group that is backed by Brock University Student Union. The BFGP goal is to take everything learned in lecture and apply the skills to a more hands-on role. Whether your interest is camera work, cinematography, acting, writing, technician work, post productions editing, audio mixing/recording, marketing and many more, you will find the BFGP a stimulating environment to gain more experience and meet people with similar interests.

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Brock Fit

Brock Fit is a club whose goal is getting student at Brock more physically active and leading healthier lives. We want to encourage students to exercise by having certain days where we go swim, run or do other types of exercise together. In being physically active and consuming a well-balanced diet, we greatly decrease the risk for chronic diseases. In conjunction with that goal, we also want to do fundraisers for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Cancer Society and others. We will be having weekly meetings where we discuss the activities we will be doing, nutritional news of interest and the types of fundraisers we will be holding.

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Brock Free the Children

Free the Children has two main goals: 1) To free children of poverty and exploitation 2) To free children of the notion that they are powerless At Brock, we are committed to supporting the alternative income project in our adopted village of Oloosiyoi, Kenya. All profits of our events and initiatives go towards the sustainable development of this village. We also strive try to address poverty locally in supporting poverty projects within the Niagara Community. Finally, we are committed to organizing conferences, workshops and events empowering youth.

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Brock Go Club

A place for people to learn the oldest board game in the world and make new friends. if you like puzzles, or games like starcraft, you will like go. all levels welcome see you soon!!

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Brock Health

Brock Health is a student run academic magazine based out of Brock University. Our publication began in 2009 and covers all aspects of health. Undergraduate students are encouraged to submit articles on a topic related to health, or on a current breakthrough in the field. Topics cover all aspects of health, such as spiritual, emotional and physical health. All the information for the articles comes from credible journal articles written by researchers in the field and the articles are edited for quality and accuracy by graduate students. Brock Health also consists of a series of hot headlines, faculty spotlights and graduate student spotlights. Brock Health encourages all students from different academic backgrounds to contribute and hopes to become an established publication at the University.

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Brock Hillel

Brock Hillel’s mission is to connect Jewish students on campus with one another to create a growing community and long-lasting connections. We host regular events, casual functions, and holiday parties that are open to Jewish students as well as students with an interest in Judaism. All are welcome!

Remember, Judaism is what you make of it. It’s whatever you want it to be! Everyone has their own interpretations of religion, their own customs and their own traditions. Come share yours here at Brock and help our community grow. Try a taste of Jewish culture, L’chaim!

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Brock Historical Society

Formed from a group of students who love history, the Brock Historical Society is home to history nuts, top hat aficionados, and all things old and dusty. BHS serves to promote the study of history at Brock and in the community, as well as to ensure the preservation, security, and accessibility of historical and archival material…and we have fun doing it!

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Brock Improv

Brock Improv is a club for students to learn and love the Improv lifestyle. We teach our club the basics of improvisation and move into more advance techniques of the improvisational form of Theater. We hold frequent shows for our members to showcase what they have learned and to get used to being on stage. We show our members how to say Yes And to life, how to make each other look good and how to live in the moment. We turn mistakes into gold and engage in general “shannanigainery”. Brock Improv is here to spread Improv to all!

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Brock Italian Club

Brock Italian Club is a collective group of Brock students wishing to promote the Italian language and culture outside of the classroom. BIC always welcomes new members. The club invites individuals not just of Italian origin but of any cultural background to participate in the celebration of Italian and Italian Canadian culture.

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Brock Labour Studies Students’ Association

We our a group of staff and students, coming from different areas of study with a common interest in the labour community. We are the first Labour Studies student group at BrockU looking for new members and volunteers to come in and help us be known in the Brock community. Our members include students from Labour Studies, Political Science, Sports Management, Sociology, and many more so don’t feel you must be a Labour Studies major :) ! If you are a new or returning student to the BrockU community, we welcome you to come check us out! We will be happy to answer any questions you might have, or keep you up to date with events we have going on throughout the school year.
Facebook – BrockLSA
Twitter – BLSA
E-Mail – [email protected]
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Brock Latter-Day Saint Student Association

The Latter-Day Saint Student Association (LDSSA) is a group organized by students who are also members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (also known as the Mormon Church). We welcome people from all walks of life and of all faiths. Our main goals are to strengthen our faith and testimonies of Jesus Christ and to serve the communities of the Niagara Region, as well as Brock University. If you love doing community service or want to know more about Jesus Christ or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, then come on out!

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Brock Life-line

Brock Life-line is a student club at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario. We strive to educate our university community about the inherent value of each human life from conception to natural death. In particular, BSFL addresses current life issues: abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, crisis pregnancy, and reproductive technologies. We are also here to direct students to various pro-life resources, such as crisis pregnancy and post abortion centres. (1 – 800 – 395 – HELP)

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Brock Musical Theatre

Brock Musical Theatre is a student run organization devoted to creating quality musical theatre for the Brock and St. Catharines/Niagara communities. Brock Musical Theatre is a ratified club under the Brock University Students\’ Union. It is not affiliated with the Brock University Department of Dramatic Arts or with any University Department, staff or faculty member. Brock Musical Theatre was created in 2005 to provide all Brock University students with the opportunity to participate in quality musical theatre. Today, the company is open to all Brock Students no matter their major field of study. Brock Musical Theatre has become a showcase for the wide range of talents that the entire Brock University community possesses in the musical field. Brock Musical Theatre is devoted to a healthy, respectful, and positive learning environment where students can learn and achieve hands on experience in all aspects of a musical theatre production. Please visit our website for information about auditions, productions and other events.

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Brock New Democrats

The Brock New Democrats is the official home to the members and supporters of the New Democratic Party within the Brock community.
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Brock Niagara Rotaract


Brock Niagara Rotaract will be holding multiple fundraisers and events throughout the year, so whether you are looking to volunteer, or to become an active member of our awesome club, send us an email and we will let you know when our next meeting is!


The goal of Brock Niagara Rotaract is to provide opportunities for personal and group activities to serve the community and promote international understanding and goodwill toward all people. Brock Niagara Rotaract is aims to develop professional and leadership skills of all members through service projects in conjunction with neighboring Rotary clubs.

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Brock Pride

The official Brock University club devoted to creating a safe, social environment for students of diverse gender and sexual identities. We offer a social atmosphere which offers support for students of the Pride community (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual, two-spirted, intersex, asexual, queer, questioning or otherwise associated) and their allies dealing with relationship, coming out, sexuality and gender issues. We will also pursue the advancement of equality, acceptance and fair treatment of Pride issues such as same-sex marriage, homophobia, heterosexism, sexual diversity, fair treatment of Pride community members.

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Brock Relieving International Kids (BRIK)

Join BRIK and become more informed on child poverty issues, and the ways to help confront the issue by conducting fundraisers and raising awareness.

- To encourage grass-roots level sustainable community development
- To encourage, empower and influence youth, both locally and globally
- To create a forum for social networking
- To build relationships with our members, as well as with the communities that we fund
• Nearly half the world’s 6 billion people lives on less than $2 a day
•The combined wealth of the world’s 200 richest people hit $1 trillion in 1999, while the combined income of 582 million people living in the 43 least developed countries is only $146 billion
• Over 650 million children live in extreme poverty, and their numbers are on the rise
• Every 3.6 seconds someone in the world dies of h…See More
General Information
What does the Organization do?
Brock Relieving International Kids (BRIK) is an initiative that was founded by a group of university students in 2005. The aims of the organization are to increase awareness of health challenges faced by children in developing countries, and in the process raise funds, interaction, and volunteer interests.

Since 2005, BRIK has held several fundraisers at Brock University, such as a Frosh Week Bottle Drive, a BRIK Formal, an Open Mic Night, as well as penny drives and Brick by BRIK donation campaigns. Over $8,000.00 has been raised by BRIK and this money has funded the construction of a school in Las Gardenias, Peru and subsequently, the construction of an additional washroom in the school. Money raised has also been donated to children’s library and uniform funds in Honduras, to a preschool in Namibia for educational supplies, to an orphanage in Guatemala for desks and beds, and to the East African Drought Relief.

Opportunities for Youth
To build contacts with communities across the world, and to encourage grass-roots level sustainable development. To get youth involved both by mediating between communities and donors as well as getting involved with local communities. To get local youth more aware and involved with local events. To increase volunteer opportunities for youth both locally and globally.

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Brock Running Club

Provide Brock students of all athletic abilities with the opportunity to help build their endurance abilities in a non-competitive, helpful, fun environment.

Visit us at

Interested members can contact us at any time of the year:

[email protected]

Brock Tamil Students Association

Brock\’s Tamil Student Association (TSA) unites fellow Tamil students on campus. We are a non-profit organization with the aim of uniting the Tamil students to help serve the Tamil community. TSA unites members through hosting fascinating and exciting social and cultural events while at the same time preserving the respect and dignity of the Tamil language and culture. The organization aims to prom…ote an understanding of Tamil heritage for non-Tamil and Tamil students. The main goal of the TSA is to help one another in both academic and social endeavors. This club is open to all students who are interested in learning about the Tamil culture.

Brock Trivia

Brock Trivia is a club where people can share in their enjoyment of trivia. The friendly competition occurs by trying to answer questions proposed by a reader of a trivia package. The questions range from all subjects. Whether you are a trivia freak or you think you just know a couple extra tidbits your peers do not, the goal of the club is to have fun so everyone is welcome!

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Brock University Archaeological Society (BUAS)

BUAS is a student group at Brock University that works closely with the Department of Classics and the Archaeological Institute of America. It is one of the oldest clubs at Brock, and we have maintained a rich tradition including annual Student Symposia, book sales, and our biggest event, the Scholarly Symposium held in March each year.
As a group, BUAS seeks to promote Classics to the Brock campus and the community at large. We continue to spend much of our time fundraising to send students abroad on archaeological digs and study tours to Greece, Rome, and Turkey, and through our Student Symposia, we give students the opportunity to develop public speaking and presentation skills.
We also seek to create a fun and welcoming social space for all Brock students through other events such as BBQs, museum trips, and more!

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Brock University Badminton Club

Brock University Badminton Club is open to everyone of all ages. You do not have to be a university student to attend the club. Social and competitive players are both welcome. Our goal is to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle through the fun sport of badminton!

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Brock University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (BUCSSA)

BUCSSA is mostly responsible for helping away-from-home Chinese in their life, study, work, and other issues. BUCSSA also serves as a bridge between the Chinese and other communities, promoting Chinese culture.

Main activities: Chinese New Year Celebration, Mid-Autumn Festival, Karaoke Contest, Sports Night, Orientations for new arrivals and seasonal activities.

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Brock University Community Connections Club

The Brock University Community Connections club bridges the gap between Brock University students and youth at local public schools. The club organizes volunteer opportunities for Brock students who are interested in volunteering for the Niagara After School Programs, sponsored by the RAFT and the United Way of St. Catharines & District. Club members will have the opportunity to work with children, to mentor, tutor and provide fun, recreational and social activities after school.

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Brock University Creative Writing Club

A club where writers can attend workshops, poetry readings and find new inspiration!

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Brock University Dota 2

We are a club who get together every Friday (subject to change with the change in semesters) and play in a LAN setting.  From players who have five wins to players who have won tournaments and everything in between, we have all levels of skill and accept anyone and everyone!

We also make Brock U pub stacks throughout the week and have fun throughout the week.  Dota is a massive amount of fun and playing with people you know only makes it better.  Don’t hesitate to join and try something new or come to develop your current skills.

Feel free to email the address below or add my steam:

Icias (its the one with the picture of Tori Black :D)

[email protected]

Brock University French Club

Brock University French Club is a club that wishes to promote the French language and culture outside of the classroom. The club aims to help Brock Students strengthen their skills while participating in different social and cultural events. Some of these might include French cinema nights, conversation nights and French cuisine. The Club also aims to build connections between Brock Students and of course to have fun in a French atmosphere!

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Brock University Geography Society (BUGS)

BUGS is a club for all Brock students, faculty and staff. It is run by Geography students themselves, and exists to encourage social and academic interaction within the geography \”community\” at Brock. Activities include sporting and recreational events (such as volleyball and euchre tournaments), seasonal parties and geographic (and not-so-geographic) field trips. BUGS also keeps students informed of geographic activities outside Brock, such as major conferences.

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Brock University Geology Club

The Brock Geology Club was founded 1967 and is the oldest undergraduate club on campus. The Club enjoys a diverse membership of students from all levels who participate in academic pursuits and social activities designed to expand geological horizons and interaction between students and faculty.
Membership is not limited to Earth Science majors and ’rock hounds’ from other disciplines are encouraged to join. Call or drop by the departmental office (room D433) located in the Mackenzie Chown Complex.

Brock University Ghana Association (BUGA)

BUGA is meant to bring together graduate and undergrad students at Brock University of Ghanaian descent or anyone with an interest in and not limited to Ghanaian history, society, geography, politics, anthropology, culture, language, cuisine, music & religion etc.We seek among others to foster cordiality among all members and to create a platform for the deliberation of the pertinent issues that affect our lives here in Canada and our friends and family back home.

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Brock University Korean Students’ Association

Brock University Korean Students Association exists to both strengthen community of Korean students as well as to promote Korean culture amongst Brock community.

To accomplish our goal, we hold various events throughout the school year such as Korean potluck supper, movie nights, language classes and many more exciting events for all!

We welcome anyone who has interest in Korean culture to build cooperative relationship with multicultural members at Brock.

[email protected]

Brock University Linguistic Network

Our goal is to give Linguistic students with active and creative minds, a chance to learn, have fun and grow as individuals. Through social and academic events, we strive to make your experience at Brock University exciting and educating.

[email protected]

Brock University Neuroscience Society

This club is formed to provide students with an environment filled with learning, research, catering to their needs, specifically looking at neuroscience topics and leading research. Moreover, this club is to inform incoming/current students with a more detailed overview of their program, expectations, and advice on their upcoming years. The Neuroscience students are in an interdisciplinary program where it is difficult to interact with one another throughout the year. We would like to provide the students an opportunity to meet each other and learn from one another. We hope to also have non-neuroscience majors in our club if they hold an interest in learning about this field.

Brock University Women’s Society

Brock University Women’s Society aim is to build awareness of adverse issues facing Canadian Women of every race and religion. By hosting events and seminars to inform students of these issues and their occurrences. As well as aid in raising funds for different women organizations within and outside Canada. In order to help fight against national and global injustices facing the female community. While assisting any student identifying themselves as solely female seeking help academically, socially, and personally. By acting as medium of direction to help them achieve their academic and personal goals.

[email protected]

Brock University’s Society for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Brock University’s Society for Medieval and Renaissance Studies is a club dedicated to the study and overall enjoyment of the Middles Ages and Renaissance periods. The main goal of the club is to introduce students to these time period in a fun and creative way. No knowledge or experience in studying the Middle Ages or Renaissance is needed, the club is designed for anyone with an interest in these two remarkable time periods. If you enjoy good conversation, good people, and an overall good time this is the club is for you. The best way to get a hold of any members of our executive is through email at [email protected]. We hold all kinds of events related to the time periods. Please like us on Facebook at

[email protected]

Brock Young Liberals

Student campus club of the Ontario Young Liberals

[email protected]

Brock’s Vocally Twisted

“Brock’s Vocally Twisted is a club with a fun and social environment where people come together to freestyle rap, rap battle, come prepared with written verses, play rap games, beat-box and read spoken word poems. If this sounds appealing, but you do not know how to rap, this club has a great environment to learn how to do so. We welcome everyone, including people who are not students”.

[email protected]


A Brock University Jazz and Stage band dedicated to the preparation of a repertoire for public showcasing

and as well as individual skill development of its members.

[email protected]

BrockU Style




BROCKU STYLE provides Brock University Fashionistas interested in all forms of style, international fashion happenings and current trends with an outlet for obtaining knowledge in the areas of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

[email protected]

Canadian Studies Student Association (CSSA)

The Canadian Studies Student Association is a student run organization that provides an area where all Canadian Studies majors, minors and anyone else who is interested in the program to provide support and knowledge among each other. We have created a space where the entire student body and faculty can interact through various events as well as learn about upcoming conferences, guest speakers, etc. We are always looking for new members to join and provide a unique perspective to our new association.

[email protected]

Child and Youth Studies Society CHYS Society

Provides opportunities for child and youth studies majors to come together to share ideas and meet new students. Engages in a number of activities designed to raise money for charitable organizations. Enhance academic experience through interaction with other students, professors and the community at large. Provide academic support and resources for students or those interested in child and youth studies.

[email protected]

Community Health Sciences Student Council

The main purpose of the Community Health Science Student Council is to fundraise for health-oriented organizations and events within Brock and the community, as well as to provide students in the CHSC department with the opportunity to participate in social events and become more involved in their department. The CHSC Student Council enjoys fundraising for organizations, which are determined at the beginning of each school year. For example, at Christmas we like to choose an organization such as Community Care and either contribute to an initiative they already have in place or create our own initiative that will both raise money and get the CHSC students involved in something fun for the holidays. As well last year we got involved in the One Match Campaign which helped find potential stem cell donors within the university. Some of the other initiatives we have undertaken in the past are a professor meet and greet, candy grams to support the Brock University Heart Institute and to be a part of the annual health fair to raise awareness of health-related issues and the department.

[email protected]

Concurrent Education Council

The council strives to connect Concurrent Education students of all years and majors by holding social events to promote networking. The council aims to give back to the community by hosting events within the community and providing volunteer opportunities for students. We provide educational and professional development opportunities to help students stay connected and build up professional portfolios.

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Don’t Pan!c

Club at Brock University aimed at supporting individuals with past or present Anxiety disorders & symptoms. We hope to create a comfortable environment in which members can meet new people and share their experiences with anxiety. The club will have meetings, friendly get-togethers and help raise awareness of anxiety along the way.

[email protected]


Each of us has a desire to do meaningful work, to use our energy to do something that brings purpose to our lives and provides value to the lives of others. We all have the potential to create positive change. Join Enactus, and do something greater then you thought possible. A community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world.

EN-trepreneurial – having the perspective to see an opportunity and the talent to create value from that opportunity

ACT-ion,  the willingness to do something and the commitment to see it through even when the outcome is not guaranteed

US – a group of people who see themselves connected in some important way; individuals that are part of a greater whole.

This is our identity

[email protected]

Food Culture Club

541944_1401024036832337_1736142635_nWe are a new club at BUSU that focuses on preparing and eating food from different cultures around the world. If you are interested, please join!

[email protected]

Hamilton P/J/I Teacher Candidate Council

This is a group of pre-service education students in teachers college at the Hamilton Brock University campus. We exist to plan, coordinate, and communicate the academic, social, fundraising and community based activities of the teacher candidates of Brock University, Hamilton Campus. We respond to the needs of all teachers candidates of Hamilton Campus and communicate with BUSU and teacher federation groups (OECTA & ETFO).

[email protected]

Hobbies, Games and Cards Club

This club is designed to give Brock students a place on campus to join together and play games in which they share a common interest as well as learn new games and meet new people.

We meet on both Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5pm to 10om in MCG310.

Feel free to drop in and play as many games or as few games as you like.

For information please email Weslie at [email protected]

Also, please join our facebook group at

[email protected]

Humanities Student Association

The goal of the HSA is to connect Humanities students from all departments and centres and to create and nurture a collective consciousness among Humanities students and faculty. The HSA will provide a supportive academic and social atmosphere for Humanities students and will promote other clubs and their events within the Humanities.

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International Student Association

International Students Association (ISA) is the oldest BUSU ratified-club on campus. It has been 30 years since the tradition begun. ISA is here to promote the unity of the international community at Brock. Our Goal is to make it a club that will make people from all different backgrounds come together for social networking and fun. Important note: One do not need to be an International student to join us.


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Iranian Student Association of Brock University (ISABU)

Brock Iranian Association

Isaac’s Knights Chess Club

The Isaac’s Knights Chess Club is open to all ages. You do not have to be a University student to attend the club. Social and competitive players are welcome. Beginners can be taught how to play.

League of Laughter

This club is dedicated to creating a comedy variety show and bring laughter to the Brock community in all forms whether it be stand up, dance, slapstick, clown, mime, magic, improv, musical, digital etc.

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League of Legends Club

Level 30 Platinum ELO or never played before- we are a Brock club dedicated to playing League of Legends for players of all skill levels. Everyone is welcome to join the club, the more the merrier. This year Riot will be sponsoring our club with some tournament prizes as a part of their collegiate program. So we are all looking forward to a both a fun and competitive year!



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To promote the hidden talents and diversity of styles among the students of Brock University in Hip-hop choreography. We run classes every week where students are given the opportunity to showcase their own hip-hop choreography piece. Any students who wish to teach a class can sign up! This club will show true potential through a student’s own creativity and increase their ability to adapt to different styles of choreography from different teachers. This will also give students the confidence to compete and lead as an example.

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Mandarin Club

Dig into East-Asian culture, history and philosophy, especially focusing in China, and practice language at the same time.

Mandarin Club is run by Confucius Institute at Brock University.


Meeting Time: Wednesday, 17:00-19:00

Meeting Place: Rm104. International Building,


Go to the Confucius Institute Website for more information


For taking Chinese HSK, please also refer to the Confucius Institute website.



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Math and Science Council

The goal of the Brock University Math and Science Council is to strengthen the presence of our faculty at Brock University and to foster a sense of community amongst students, staff, and faculty. Our aim is to enhance the experiences of current students and to encourage prospective students to study at Brock University. Our vision is for the Faculty of Math and Science to become renowned for student support and engagement.

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Meal Exchange Brock

Evelina Osiadacz, Hailey Babcock, Marta Iwanisik and Alison Hansen are all Brock University students working to make a difference in the St Catharines and Niagara community. This year we have decided to expand the Meal Exchange program to Brock University and to create a new chapter. Basically, this is a non-profit organization which extends awareness to students and people within their community about the food scarcity issue. We are looking to begin this chapter by working with food banks and students at Brock that are willing to dedicate their time and passion towards making a difference in their school community. If you are interested in this opportunity or have more questions about the program at Brock please email either [email protected] or

[email protected] and we will respond to you with more information and hope to see you a part of our club.All in all:
Our Mission: is to engage, educate, and mobilize youth to work with their communities in order to alleviate hunger locally and achieve food security.
Our Vision: is a country where everyone has access to safe, nutritious, affordable food.
*The bottom blurb is directly from the Meal Exchange website. For more information go to

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Muslim Students Association (MSA)

The aim and purpose of the MSA is to serve the best interests of Islam and the Muslim students of Brock University. Toward this end, the Association will:

1. Promote unity and fraternity among the Muslims students;

2. Conduct social, cultural, religious and other types of activities;

3. Promote friendly relations, cooperation and communication between Muslims and non-Muslims;

4. Endeavour to clarify misconceptions about Islam.

5. Work with the University to establish and maintain rooms and an office on campus, which satisfy the needs of members for a place to conduct their daily obligatory prayers, which occur during regular school/business hours.


Check out our website>>

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North American Culture Association

The North American Culture Association is a club that expresses the diversity of many cultures` from around the world that have been brought into North America.
Our primary focus is to merge unique forms of dance, such as Hip-Hop, Latin, Bollywood, Classical, Bhangra and more. With these styles of dance, our goal is to compile an extraordinary dance team and partake in an inter-university dance competition known as The North American Culture Show (NACS). NACA encourages participation from all Brock students to make life long friends, build ever-lasting memories, experience different cultures and see what Brock has to offer!

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Pakistani Student Association

Our Purpose: To coordinate educational and social activities, which promote cross cultural understanding and international awareness which will provide the campus community and the student body with activities, programs, and opportunities to meet others of the same background. To expand the horizon of Brock University by engaging in active participation in the Pakistani Community as acquiring the support of our community is of fundamental importance. To promote discussion of national and international areas of interest amongst its members. To provide peer counseling and advertising to Pakistani international students or those living away from home as well as help them fit in and appreciate the increasing multiculturalism at Brock University. To plan and coordinate social and cultural activities with organizations that express interest in working and collaborating with PSA at Brock University.

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Pentecost Students and Associates

A Pentecostal Christian fellowship.

Bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all cultures, whiles preparing members for Christ’s second coming as we fellowship in building deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, and to serve as a platform to transform our societies.

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PlayMakers Foundation

PlayMakers is a registered Canadian non-profit organization that uses sport to tackle some of the world’s most serious social and humanitarian problems. PlayMakers uses sport to teach students about what is going on in global communities and how they can help while doing something they love. We provide students with the opportunity to interact with others, to be active, and to help the less fortunate by providing them with equipment to play their favourite sports and in the process, helping to create joy.

Playing is a commodity many youth take for granted as something all kids “just do.” The reality is, too many children around the world are burdened with responsibilities and hardships beyond their age, leaving sport and fun activities an almost inaccessible experience. We want to help provide for children who are deprived of what so many others enjoy daily.

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Power to Change

Note: This group was formally known as Campus for Christ- Power to Change is a movement dedicated to helping students discover Jesus and change the world. Our mission is to help students experience God’s love and forgiveness and become world changers as they make faith a lifelong commitment.

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Psychology Society

The Psyc Society is a social club that holds events in order to unite students with common interests. We welcome all students to attend regardless of their major. In addition, we provide events geared toward psychology majors providing a relaxed atmosphere to connect with students in all years of their degree.

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Right To Play Brock University

Right To Play club has three main purposes: 1. To educate the Brock Student Body and Niagara Region residents about sport for development, and to create an awareness of Right To Play\’s international programs. 2. To raise funds for the Toronto-based parent organization, Right To Play 3. To educate Brock Students and Niagara Region residents about Right To Play volunteer opportunities across the globe.

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Roots African Caribbean Society

ROOTS African-Caribbean Society is a club that seeks to create solidarity among the African and Caribbean cultures at Brock University. We also seek to display our cultures to the Brock community to educate and entertain its members with the rich heritage that we carry. If you are interested in any aspect of Africa and the Caribbean, do turn up to one of our events and speak to the committee and members and find out more about who we are and what we do. Your interests could include (but not limited to) African and Caribbean: history, society, geography, politics, anthropology, culture, language, cuisine, music & religion. If you would like any more information or subscribe to our updates  Twitter: @BrockRoots Facebook: Roots ACS

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South Asian Student Alliance

The South Asian Student Alliance is a club at Brock that provides a hub for students interested in the South Asian community to get together and celebrate different cultural/religious events. The club attempts to spread diversity throughout the community through organizing social gatherings and activities for members and providing them with a stage to display their talents.

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Students Against Migrant Exploitation (S.A.M.E.)

S.A.M.E. is a group of students dedicated to social justice and work toward ending migrant exploitation. We engage in outreach, public speaking and fundraising efforts to aid the migrant workers.

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Students Offering Support (Brock SOS)

Students Offering Support is a national network of student volunteers working together to raise funds to raise the quality of education and life for those in developing nations through raising marks of our fellow University students.

This is accomplished through our Exam-AID initiative where student volunteers run group review sessions prior to a midterm or final exam for a $20 donation.

All of the money raised through SOS Exam-AIDs is funneled directly into sustainable educational projects in developing nations. Not only does SOS fund these projects, but SOS volunteers help build the projects on annual volunteer trips coordinated by each University chapter.

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The Brock Chapter of War Child Canada

War Child Canada is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to providing urgently needed humanitarian assistance to war-affected children around the world. War Child Canada helps generate awareness, support and advocacy for children\’s rights everywhere. The Brock Chapter of war Child is a newly developed group that enables Brock students to serve as agents of change with the mission of helping war-affected children.

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The Brock Philanthropists

The Brock Philanthropists is a group that organizes a variety of events for Brock students and the community, to facilitate donations to great charities.

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The Philosophy Club

The goal of the Brock University Philosophy Club is to bring together likeminded individuals who enjoy engaging debate, thought provoking discussion and unique ideas. Philosophy, or \”The Love of Wisdom\” is built upon a foundation of dialogue and conversation; this club will ensure that this foundation is strong at Brock. This club will organize meetings, debates and movie nights as well as pursue guest speaker visits and work towards enriching the philosophy experience at Brock. Remember, \”The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.\” -Lao Tzu

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To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA)

TWLOHA – BrockU is a UChapter which exists to embody the mission and vision of To Write Love On Her Arms, Inc. TWLOHA is a non profit dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for those struggling with addiction, depression, self injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to inform, encourage, inspire and to invest directly into treatment. UChapters also serve as a voice of hope, inspiration and support for students and surrounding communities.

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UNICEF Brock is an official on campus club of UNICEF Canada. Our primary mandate is to alleviate the suffering of children living in poverty-like conditions all around the world. The preceding will be proceeded with using the following two methods: raising money across campus through different events and through raising awareness among students and the wider community

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United Gamers of Brock

Our Club seeks to provide the students of Brock University a fun and comfortable social environment to experience gaming and talk about the implications that the industry will have on both business and computer science world. The club will feature current generation hardware including Playstation 3, XBOX 360, Wii, and PC.

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