Every year we want to get bigger and better, and that is our challenge to the students of Brock University!  We challenge ALL students to continue the efforts of Brock to make the annual Shinerama Campaign bigger both in terms of the number of volunteers that come out in support, money raise, and enthusiasm!

Continuing the Tradition

Shinerama began in 1964 as a small shoe-shining campaign during Orientation Week.  It has since grown to include over 60 university and college campuses across the country with over 35,000 students volunteering each year.  Shinerama now includes a variety of activities, both shining and non-shining – car washes, barbeques, tournaments, and unlimited other ideas!  With a national Shinerama goal of $1.2 million this year Brock students plan an integral part in helping reach this goal.

Why We Get Involved

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is the most common fatal, inherited disease of young Canadians, mainly affecting the lungs and digestive system.  In Canada, one in 25 carries the defective gene for CF and one in 3,600 babies are born with CF.  Since Shinerama began the average life of someone with CF has risen from three years of age to 37 years old.  This is due to the hard work of volunteers across the country who raise the money pivotal to the necessary research to find better treatment options, and ultimately a cure.  However, even with all this progress, cystic fibrosis is fatal in all cases.

For 47 years, students have been planning the annual Shine Day in September so that individuals with CF can have a future, can make plans for their lives and not be restricted by the disease.  Help make a difference in someone’s life today – donate or volunteer!

Donations to the Brock Shinerama campaign can be made online.  You can also text to donate! TEXT Shine to 45678 to donate $5 to Cystic Fibrosis Canada – 100% of the donation goes to the Shinerama campaign.


This year, we want Brock’s Shinerama Campaign to be bigger and better than ever before!  This is only possible to do through the wonderful volunteers that show their support!  The Brock Shinerama Campaign is always welcoming new and returning volunteers to assist in fundraising and coordination of events, both during the summer months, on Shine Day and throughout the school year.

With Shine Day poised to be the biggest and best Shine Day ever, how cool would it be to say you took part in the biggest Brock Shinerama Campaign?  It’d be pretty fabulous, that’s for sure.  Bring your outgoing Badger spirit and love of contributing to a good cause.

To get involved with Shinerama contact VPSS Cooper Millard!  You can email [email protected] to sign up or to get involved! All volunteer hours for Shinerama can be tracked through Brock University’s Experience Plus Program which allows future employers to see your involvement during your time here at Brock University.  So come out to Shine Day and make the most of your university experience and get involved!