Elections and Referendums

Election Periods

BUSAC By-Elections (October)

Positions Elected: Any elected positions that are vacant

The October By-Election is an opportunity for BUSU to fill seats not filled or vacated after the March By-Elections. These vacancies will be advertised in Late September.

Executive Elections (January-February)

Positions Elected: President, Vice President Student Services, Vice President University Affairs,
Vice President Finance and Administration, Board of Directors

This is the main election time for BUSU. This election covers all the officers of the corporation. This is the longest process as the nominations package for this election is available in early January with voting days taking place in Mid-February.

BUSAC Elections (March)

Positions Elected: All BUSAC Councilors, Board of Trustees (Brock University), Senate (Brock University)

This election is for all Council Representatives for the next school year. As well, BUSU facilitates the elections for the student representatives on the University Councils (Senate, Board of Trustees). Nominations will be available for this election in late February.


Referendums are questions asked to the undergraduate student body as a whole. These decisions are the highest form of government in the organization (Excluding Municipal, Provincial, and Federal Law) as they are made by the student body as a whole. Referendums can be started from within the Brock University Students’ Administrative Council (BUSAC) or by a Student Run Petition.