BUSU Research Grants Program


What is BUSU’s Research Grant Program?

BUSU’s Research Grant Program is designed to support student research endeavours outside of the classroom.  Brock University Students’ Union recognizes the valuable research skills that many of Brock’s students possess.  BUSU wants to give students the opportunity to use their research skills to support other student services, and improve on-campus life for all undergraduates. BUSU’s Research Grant Program will offer funding and support to students wishing to complete a research project.

The purpose of the BUSU research Grants Program is two-fold

  1. To support undergraduate research at Brock University
  2. To encourage evidence-based improvement of services offered by Brock University Students’ Union

How does the BUSU Research Grant Program Work?

Any student interested in writing a research grant program will submit a one page research proposal to BUSU’s Research and Policy Manager.  The proposal must follow specific criteria as listed on the BUSU’s Research Grant Application webpage.  Research projects must be aimed at improving student life on campus by focusing on student services, student experience, and/or the role of BUSU in the lives of Brock Students.

All research proposals will be assessed by BUSU’s Research and Policy Manager, who will, in consultation with BUSU executives and relevant staff members, select three projects to receive funding and support throughout the year.

Upon approval of a research proposal, the student will immediately receive $500 to support their research.  Following initial approval, students will be given 90 days to complete and submit their final research project.  All projects will be supervised by the Research and Policy Manager, and BUSU must approve the final copy.  Upon approval of the final project, students will be awarded $1000.

Who Can Apply?

All currently enrolled undergraduate students at Brock University are eligible for BUSU’s Research Grant Program.  Students may submit a proposal and work in teams of up to 3 members.  All approved proposals will receive the same amount of funding, regardless of the number of team members.

How Can I Apply?

To submit your research proposals to BUSU’s Research Grant Program, read the instructions carefully, and fill out the application below.

Research Topics

All research proposals that aim to improve student life at Brock University will be considered for BUSU’s research Grant program.

Proposals that focus on methods of improving BUSU services and service delivery will be given priority.

Suggested Topics:

  1. Improving BUSU Clubs/club services
  2. Ensuring O-week is reflective of student wants
  3. Making BUSU more accessible
  4. Improving food security among students
  5.  What services should BUSU be providing (what are some unaddressed student needs)

Any successful proposal that includes primary research on campus, must be approved by Brock’s Research Ethics Board.


To apply for BUSU’s Research Grant Program, please read the criteria thoroughly, and submit a research proposal by uploading a PDF or Word document in the space provided.

The 2012-13 application process will remain open until three research proposals have been selected, at which point BUSU will no longer accept proposal submissions.

BUSU Research Grants Proposal Criteria

All research proposals must meet the following criteria:

- Proposals must be between 500-1000 words

-A proposal must clearly outline:

  1. The proposed research topic
  2. How the research will positively affect the lives of Brock University students
    • Including the effect of this research on BUSU and the services offered by BUSU (if applicable)
  3. How the research will be conducted. e.g. Primary research (surveys, data collection), secondary research (collection and synthesis of existing data), etc.
  4. An approximate timeline for the research project
  5. How BUSU Research Grant Funding will be used to support this research (compensation for time invested is a legitimate use of these funds)

-All proposals must be submitted electronically

-You must have read BUSU’s Intellectual Property Policy in order to apply